Saturday, 21 April 2012

This Canine Law is an Ass!

So yet again responsible dog owner have to cough up and support a system where only the RSPCA will benefit. The newspapers are full of the news that from Monday 23rd April all litters of puppies will have to be micro chipped before they are sold to new homes. Already the likes of the Daily Mail are showing images of dangerous dogs snarling and spitting ready to pounce and devour small children. How will chipping a little puppy stop this?

Will the kind of people who breed indiscriminately and advertise in newsagents windows bother to micro chip their puppies?
Will the people breeding dogs for fighting micro chip their puppies?
Will the puppy farmers micro chip the puppies they breed?
Will Joe Public who doesn't read canine publications or give a toss about canine welfare bother to micro chip the puppies he sells when all he wants to do is raise a few thousand pounds?

None of the above tend to health test or provide after care to the puppies they breed. They are damn sure not going to micro chip a puppy.

Yet again it will be decent caring dog owners and breeders who follow the law. The same people who are taking the flack from charities such as the RSPCA as being the ones who breed unhealthy dogs. These are the ones who will be stumping up £35 to line the pockets of vets and charities who jump on the chipping bandwagon.

The law is an ass and this time it has gone a step too far. The only people to profit from this expensive waste of time is the RSPCA who will receive a large slice of the financial pie provided to control this exercise.

I will never have a dog of mine micro chipped. I will never purchase a puppy with a micro chip in it's tiny body. I'm happy to sign any document to absolve the breeder I purchase from of any responsibility but I will never agree to archaic rules pushed through government by a charity most of the canine world hates.

What will the RSPCA do if they find a puppy that has not been micro chipped? Will they take a bolt gun to it as they did those ten German Sheherd dogs so cruelly destroyed? They cannot turn out to many calls sent to their centres at the moment let alone police a law such as this.

I've been waiting for over one month to hear about a case that was lodged with the above charity. An officer rang my phone and left a message - did dhe leave a number? No! Dialing 1471 the number was hidden. I had to wait for her to ring again. A week later she rang and the same occured. It's such a shame that with the millions of pounds this charity has in its coffers it cannot teach employees how to make a phone call isn't it?

I've been invited onto Radio Five Live tonight at 10.15 this evening to discuss my views and will be following this latest law against decent dog owners with interest.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I'm coming home...

Once there is a dog in the family holidays and trips away from home need a little more planning. Is the dog going with you? Will it be boarded for the duration? Perhaps it will go live with a family member or perhaps there will be a house sitter?

Then there is the added research of whether the place you are visiting is dog friendly whether it be family, a hotel or a holiday cottage? At present I am visiting deepest East Sussex and enjoying a weeks stay in a beautiful barn conversion in Broad Oak near Brede. Along with three friend I am working on my latest novel and enjoying the winter sun. Last year we were snowed in at Whitstable but that's another story.

I have two elderly dogs so what was I to do about them. My husband works full time and is away from home too many hours to leave them alone. It would not be fair on them to spend eight hours alone - it wouldn't be fair on my floors or their bladders either. They like to know we are close by even if they sleep many of the daylight hours.

They have their routine:
Doggy biscuits upon waking, cod liver oil pills straight afterwards. Sharing a biscuit with my elevenses and having their main meal mid afternoon. Then there is our walk around the garden at set times of the day - they are creatures of habit and I have to drop everything to go walk with them and watch as they sniff the grass, look to see if Mr Fox is around. Chase him off if he is spotted (there is no chance they will ever catch him but they enjoy the thrill of the chase)  then come indoors for a drink from their bowl of fresh water - woe betide anyone no to have topped up the bowl at this important time. They know when my husband is due home just as they know that they are allowed some gravy on a handful of kibble as we eat our meal. Any deviation from their routine and we are in trouble. There will be a look, a sigh or they simply turn their backs on us and ignore us completely.

So what to do for the week I was to be away from home? It was simple, my husband took the week off to dog sit. Armed with a list detailing the oldies' routine (just in case he forgot an important time when a biscuit was due) I set off to write my latest tome.

With Internet contact I am able to catch up on what they've eaten, what has come out of the other end and how they've slept. I know their blankets have been laundered and they've shared their Dad's dinner on a few occasions. The one thing that has confused them is that Mum is missing and they go to the door waiting for my return. No doubt when I arrive with my book written and a suitcase full of dirty clothes they will give me the silent treatment for abandoning them for the week - after eating their biccy presents that is!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Whizz Bang Pop!

It's Friday evening, the night before Guy Fawkes night and already there is smoke in the air and the sound of rockets popping overhead. In years past I would have been worrying about my dogs and trying to take their attention away from the scary noises. This year with just Buster and Squidgey with us I realise that the dogs who hated the noise the most are now at Rainbow Bridge and safe from the stress.

What tips can I give you at this time of year?

1. Stay home with your dogs. Don't go out and leave them as fear can not only make them ill but you could come home to a lot of mess! In fact for a week either side of 5th November we never leave the dogs alone after dark.

2. Change their feeding routine and feed them later in the day. A dog with a full tummy sleeps.

3. Turn the TV a little louder and leave a radio on in each room. Close the curtains as dusk approaches and shut out the outside world.

4. Dogs will need to go out to relieve themselves. Encourage your dog to go into the garden as much as possible during the day and on their walk. Then later in the evening after the children have had their firework parties and before the pubs kick out for the next round of noise.

5. Go into the garden with your dog if they need to relieve themselves during the evening. Have a patio light turned on as your dog will be able to see his surrounding. It will make him feel safe.

6. A cuddle and a lot of fuss goes a long way to keeping your dog calm.

7. Try not to resort to sedatives as drugs could make your dog very unhappy.

8. If this is your first November 5th with your dog and it becomes obvious you have a problem plan ahead for next year. For example:

Have your dog get used to loud noises. There are CDs on the market that can be left on a low setting all day which will help your dog get used to the sudden bangs of the fireworks. I have found these very helpful but not when you have several dogs. One nervous dog can set the other off. You do need to have the CD for several months before the noisy night but start now and you will be ready for the New Year celebrations.

Dog Appeasing Pheromone (DAP) Diffusers are plug in units that release calms the dog by flooding the room with calming pheromones. Creating a safe atmosphere for the dog. Available from all good pet stores or online:

Herbal products can be very helpful and Dorwest are one of the best companies to visit:

With lots of praise and no scolding you and your dog will survive firework night!

Friday, 28 October 2011

Halloween Pumpkin Munchies

Are you wondering what to do with the flesh of the pumpkin when making Halloween Lanterns? There is only so much soup one can make. How about making dog biscuits? It's very simply and they can be shared amongst dog owning friends who come trick or treating on the 31st.



3 mugs plain flour
3 eggs
I small jar apple sauce
2 Tablespoons of black treacle
2 Mugs of chopped pumpkin flesh
1 tspn ground nutmeg
1 tspn ground cinnamon
1 tspn ground ginger
1 mug of water

To Make:

Heat the oven to 200 degrees Centigrade

1. Place the flour nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger into a large mixing bowl and stir together.

2. Put the pumpkin flesh, eggs and apple sauce into a food provessor and blitz until smooth.

3. Add this mix to the flour along with the black treacle and stir well together.

4. Add enough water to make a firm dough.

5. Roll out on a floured board to about half inch in thickness (a quarter inch if you prefer smaller biscuits for  smaller dogs).

6. Using fancy cutters cut to shape and prick with a fork.

7. Place onto a non stick tray and bake in the centre of the oven for 15 - 20 minutes until quite firm.

8. Leave to cool and then store in an airtight container.

Dogs and Pop Stars!

Have you seen the latest offering from the fantastic Will Young? Not only a great song but dogs as well, what more can we ask for?

Well done Will for making a video that shows pedigree dogs in such a good light. Perhaps he could give some pointers to the producer of Pedigree Dogs Exposed?

If you are wondering who owns the performing dog it belongs to the well known Mary Rae.

Here is a link to the video:

Wouldn't it be great if Take That made a record set in the show ring?

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Saving a dog's life

Do you know how to administer CPR to your dog if he should collapse? To be honest I didn't until I spotted the following YouTube film circulated via a friend in Polish Lowland Sheepdogs.

Perhaps it is something that should be taught at dog training classes?

Curiosity led me back to YouTube to see if there were any other films that could help us learn how to save a dog's life. The following footage of a Boxer dog being resuscitated is amazing and yes I shed a tear or two as I watched it.

Monday, 17 October 2011

This is so wrong!

At a time when there is so much anti dog news in the media many of us are fighting to show that pedigree dogs are healthy and not the mutants they are perceived to be by ex RSPCA vets and BBC television producers.
We are trying to educate the public that dogs are not bred to be carried in handbags or used as toys and fashion accessories.

So what was happening only streets away from where I lived this past weekend? No other that a group of silly people trimming and spraying dogs a multitude of colours to compete for British Dog Creative Stylist of the Year. The dogs, mainly poodles stood for hours on grooming tables while they were teased into designs such a My Little Pony, Bertie Bassett and a Welsh Dragon.

What impression does this give the anti dog brigade? Surely it is bordering on cruelty? I don't think the poor dogs were taken outside for exercise all day as they were most certainly not noticed on nearby parkland or recreation areas by myself or other dog walking friends.

It seems this is an American past time - it had to be didn't it! No sensible Brit would be so cruel, would they?

The event organised by a Gravesend dog groomer was won by a a dog that was trimmed, tweaked, sprayed, styled and adorned to look like a Welsh Dragon. Lets hope he got the chance to breathe flames over the organiser of such a cruel and silly event. Dog groomers should stick to bathing and blow drying dogs and leave the food colouring for baking cakes.

Here is the link to the 'news story' in the Daily Mail: